Explanatory Writing

5th and 6th class have been learning all about explanatory writing. They used all of the skills they learned to create mini projects based on a topic of their own choosing! Make sure to check out some of the pictures to see and learn about the interesting topics the children chose and the effort the kids put in which is very evident. Very impressive work!

European Countries

5th and 6th class students have been learning all about the countries in Europe, their capitals, main features, famous people and much more! They compiled fact sheets on various European countries and then taught their peers all about their chosen country. The peer teaching was a huge success!

Out and About

5th and 6th class paired up with Ms. Egan’s 2nd class to go on a lovely nature walk to explore their local environment. The children used their senses to observe their surroundings and record their findings. A lot of fun was had by all as the children learned to appreciate the beauty of the local natural environment.

Spring has arrived in 5th & 6th Class

5th and 6th class enjoyed various art activities as part of creative February. Firstly, they attended an online webinar with a local artist wherein the children created ‘One in a minion’ Valentines cards for their loved ones. They also created beautiful Spring Meadows using ‘anything but a paintbrush’. The children had a lot of fun with this one! Some of them chose scrap card, lollipop sticks and earbuds to create their meadows!