5th and 6th Class School Tour to Omagh!

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5th and 6th class went on an overnight stay all the way to Omagh for their school tour.

They set out on the long bus journey from SHNS at 9am and made their first stop at Ardgillan Castle where they enjoyed orienteering. They explored all the grounds, played soccer, posed for pictures and covered every inch of the fabulous playground.

The boys and girls then reached Gortin and settled in to the hostel. The facilities were excellent and the children had lots of fun in the playground, on the huge AstroTurf and on the indoor basketball court.

After breakfast the next morning they set of to Baronscourt Estate where they had an excellent day facilitated by The Pushkin Trust. The children participated in dance, creative writing and an environmental walk.

They finished their trip with dinner at the Sperrin Restaurant and returned to SHNS at around 9.30pm.